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Karol Wojtaszek


I’m all about digital growth - for the past 12 years, I’ve been working on digital innovations and building dozens of software products. As the CEO at AppUnite I coordinate creating exceptional products with entrepreneurs and companies.

Empowered Software Agency: How to keep up with the speed of change leveraging software?

| 5 min read

Discover the transformative power of Empowered Software Agencies – a paradigm shift that prioritizes problem-solving over mere output in Agency work.

Mission command: How to build expectations for your software team without killing motivation?

| 5 min read

Discover how mission command can inspire your software teams to reach new heights of efficiency, creativity, and commitment. Embrace this powerful management approach and create a culture where every team member feels involved, valued, and heard

Stop dismissing great ideas because of no software product team! That no longer has to be the case.

| 8 min read

Programming was once a highly specialized academic and craftsman occupation. By codifying decisions and automating the work, it enabled significant scale that was previously not possible. As a result, businesses began to use bespoke platforms to help them produce goods, communicate with customers, conduct sales, and process payroll. Ideas for improving daily work are everywhere, but they die when we lack expertise. How do you help your managers introduce innovations, foster intrapreneurship, and launch startups within corporations?

Building teams self-awareness

| 5 min read

Building high-performance teams is hard. You need to ensure that your workplace has tools that make teams able to grow by having the right context and being self-aware.